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Can a university change the world for the better? The answer is undoubtedly yes! However, the great social challenges of our time are both complex and global. They require us to combine regional and international perspectives in education and research. They require us, as an academic institution, to contribute with scientific expertise and to work across borders. They require us to create knowledge in collaboration. This is the foundation of our profile and concept Work Integrated Learning. In this way, University West is a game changer within academia.”

Martin Hellström, Vice-Chancellor

There are many reasons to choose Sweden and University West as  the home of your studies. With over 11.000 students and more than 600 employees, we make up one of Sweden's highest number of applicants per place. We have high quality in our teaching and a high standard of facilities (classrooms, laboratories, computers, library etc.). The quality is particularly apparent in recent statistics, where University West is one of the best in Sweden when it comes to students’ employment rates, according to measurements from the Swedish Higher Education Authority. We are comfortably above national average, with a full 83.3 percent of our students established in the labour market one year after graduating. Work Integrated Learning, our pedagogical profile, increases students’ chances of making valuable contacts during their studies, and gives them valuable work experience.

We conduct world-class research in collaboration with partners within three vital research environments: Production Technology West, Child and Youth Studies and Learning in and for the New Working Life. We are actively working for humanism, democracy and diversity. The tools we use to achieve this are knowledge development, building citizenship and life-long learning. When it comes to democracy, University West arranges many open debates and lectures. All in all, an academic environment created to optimize your study experience.

University West is a driving force within society, working together with the surrounding community to create knowledge and to make this knowledge accessible to a wider audience. We call this Work Integrated Learning.