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The originalform of the SOC-questionnarie consists of 29 questions. A schorter version on 13 questions developed later. Validity and relabiliteten is good for booth SOC-29 and SOC-13 (Eriksson, 2007)

The scales may not be distributed in printed electronic form without explicit permission from the copyright holder (Avishai Antnovosky). Permission to republish the scale is required, i.e. in various forms of theses. 

To obtain permission to use the scales, please contact Dr. Avishai Antonovsky at On behalf of Dr. Avishai Antonovsky permission can be obtained by  Associate Professor Monica Eriksson, University West, Department of Health Sciences, Trollhattan, Sweden


Before granting the permission please inform about your research study as follows:

1. What is your main research question, or the main purpose of the study?

2. Which version of the scale will you use (SOC-29, SOC-13, other), in which language? Do you already have a copy of the scale and do you know how to calculate its score?

3. Are you aware that the use of the SOC scale is intended for research purposes only, not for clinical or diagnostic purposes?

4. What kind of population are you sampling, and what is the sample size?

5. How do you intend to administer the questionnaire (in a group, individually face to face, electronically via secure web site etc)?

6. Are you familiar with Antonovsky's (1987) book, Unraveling the mystery of health, with the salutogenic model and with the theoretical considerations that have led to the construction of the "Orientation to Life" (SOC) questionnaire?

7. What is your affiliation (University, Department, Postal Address)