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Sicomap bildspel startbildNew cutting-edge knowledge in production technology designed for industry. The research school Sicomap has generated sharp researchers who are now doing further research in manufacturing companies.

Eleven companies have engaged 20 doctoral students during the 2012–2021 period. Fifteen of the students have completed their doctorates to date. Sicomap’s model is for externally employed doctoral students to participate in University West’s doctoral programmes while being employed by a company. The doctoral students’ research is based upon the various needs of the companies for specialised knowledge within specific areas. 

Excellent form of collaboration

“Industrial research schools are an excellent form of collaboration between industry and academia. This model was also a natural choice for our university, as it is in line with our specific profile of work-integrating learning. It also keeps us up-to-date on industry’s research needs and it strengthens the University’s long-term collaboration with the Swedish industry,” says Per.

The doctoral students attended regular seminars where they could share their experiences and knowledge. The majority have also broadened their research experience by working abroad for three to four months at an internationally recognised research institute.

Valuable feedback

Johan Berglund, chair of Sicomap’s steering committee, has followed the progress of the doctoral students over the past three years at the research school.

“Following their work has been extremely interesting and I believe that they have benefited from learning together and from their contacts with senior researchers in academia. Participating in the academic world, receiving feedback and learning from the research of others is very beneficial. I experienced this while I was an externally employed doctoral student at the University’s previous research school, Cape,” explains Johan, who is today a researcher at the RISE research institute.

Important research collaboration

Anna-Karin Christiansson, another key person at Sicomap, has supported and closely followed the doctoral students during their education.

“It has been gratifying to follow the students’ personal development over these years. I am passionate about collaboration between industry and academia, because the most important research is conducted in collaboration,” says Anna-Karin, head of administration at Sicomap.

The new research school Smart Industry Sweden replaces Sicomap. University West and four other universities are collaborating through the new research school that started 2021. Both research schools are funded by the Knowledge Foundation.

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