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Global Swede Bassam Massouh 2019

A proud and happy Bassam Massouh with the diploma in his hand.
Photo: Sofia Nahringbauer, Regeringskansliet

Global Swede diploma was awarded to some 20 international students on May 21 in Stockholm. The students have distinguished themselves in areas related to innovation and entrepreneurship and have proven to be good representatives for both Sweden and their own country. One of them is Bassam Massouh from University West.

About Bassam - from the nomination text:

Bassam Massouh is a master’s student in Robotics and Automation at University West. He has a scholarship from the Swedish institute and has proven to be a very good student with a true passion for his field. He is very social and has shown a great
commitment to help his friends perform better. He is currently conducting his thesis work at ÅF with the aim to assist Swedish industry in the digital transformation. University West are happy to nominate Bassam for the Global Swede award 2019.

About Global Swede

The diploma ceremony for Global Swede is organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Swedish Institute. During the ceremony, Foreign Trade Minister Ann Linde participated. Global Swede is part of the Government and the Swedish Institute's work on building long-term relationships with international students in Sweden. The purpose is to create bridges of cross-border and multicultural networks that will contribute to Swedish trade and promote the work of reaching future solutions.

- Global Swede is a way of saying thank you to some of our most innovative international students. Students from other countries play an important role in our international relations and I hope that the award can encourage continued exchange and relations with Sweden, says Ann Linde.