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AR-teknik testas för takstolsproduktion .JPG

Interest in building houses using wood is growing, and at the same time, the wood construction industry is developing new, more efficient manufacturing methods. In the Tillverka i trä (Manufacture in wood) project, in which University West is one of several partners, the network of companies and researchers has inventoried the wood industry's challenges and needs for new technology. AR technology, augmented reality, is one of several technologies that the parties are now looking at in various research projects. 

Doctoral student Nicole Tobiskovà runs a project in which AR glasses are tried by operators building wooden trusses.

‘This is a student project where students have been working with our industrial partner for almost six months to create a solution that will support operators in their assembling work,’ says Nicole Tobiskovà.

One of the wooden truss operators who has tried installing with AR glasses is Tony Ringqvist:

‘You get a clearer picture of what the wooden truss looks like, and where the plinths end up. You can control it directly with your bare hands much more smoothly.’

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