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Samverkansgrupp campusutveckling

When Högskolan Väst's Campus Plan 2030 was produced, there was a strong desire for a clear main entrance, a place for meetings and creativity and a cozier restaurant. The university's board has now given the green light for the start of construction in the first sub-project in the campus development - Main entrance with indoor square and restaurant.

-Now the first sub-project in the campus development becomes real. The first step in the campus development and the continued development of Trollhättan as a student and knowledge city. The most important thing is not the building itself, but the activities and the collaboration that is made possible, says project owner Li Lejerstedt, university director at University West.

University West's ambition is to be a social actor who, together with the society, creates knowledge and makes it available to more people. This is mainly done through the university's profile Work-Integrated Learning, AIL.

Collaboration therefore runs as a common thread throughout the work with Campus Plan 2030. The collaboration group includes University West, the Student Union at University West, the City of Trollhättan, the property owner Kraftstaden and the municipal housing company Eidar.

-The campus plan lays the foundation for our work to create a vivid campus, an environment where academia and working life meet and develop together. In this way, our collaboration is strengthened. We are developing our campus into a place where staff, collaboration partners, the public and not least the students thrive and want to be, says Li Lejerstedt.

The student union at University West has been involved in the project since the start.

-It is great to see that the students' input has been valued and will soon become a reality, says Paulina Samuelsson, president at the student union.

The work with campus development is also of great importance for the City of Trollhättan.

-The campus plan contributes to making the campus area more integrated with the city center and is in line with the City of Trollhättan's ambitions to develop the city center. The new main entrance helps to connect the campus and the new “Drottningtorget”, says Said Niklund, city manager in the City of Trollhättan.

Kraftstaden Fastigheter AB is starting up the construction of the main entrance with indoor square and restaurant in September 2021.

The campus plan was decided by the university board in December 2019.