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We meet up in the Production Technology Center at University West for a quick chat.

What is the main purpose of your research Vahid?

Welding of stainless steel is combined with a lot of risks, such as potential sensitization to corrosion. I collaborate with several industrial companies in order to systematically solve their problem with welding. In my research I focus on predicting problems and risks, so that production can be more efficient. We want to reduce the waste which of course is more cost efficient and also environmental friendly. I work with and develop a computer application that helps me give the correct recommendations.

And Edvard?

I am a doctoral student employed at GKN and I focus in problems connected to laser beam welding. The gap between the parts to be joined must be very narrow. Optical sensors are often used to measure the gap, but with precise machining, it may become so narrow that it is difficult to detect, with the risk of welding in the wrong position. Something that would be very fatal in the production of aircrafts for instance. My thesis proposes the use of an inductive sensor with coils on either side of the gap. This method gives a lot of advantages when it comes to precision, it allows you to detect gaps that are not even visible.

What about your licentiate seminar, were you nervous about the event?

Vahid: Yes, a bit! But mainly I prepared for a useful and challenging concept discussion with the most skilled people in my area. The whole idea is to improve my work.

Edvard: It was a friendly discussion and actually I have been preparing for this event the last couple of years. I know my subject and therefore the seminar was not so scary.

How do you experience your time here at University West?

Vahid: I really enjoy the friendly spirit here. My supervisor has guided me through not only the academic work but helped me settle in socially. As a doctoral student I feel like the pressure is more reasonable here compared to other foreign universities due to a more efficient system.

Edvard: It has all worked well. I especially appreciate the workshop area here at the Production Centre because it is very well equipped.

Thank you Vahid and Edvard! We congratulate you and wish you all the best for the future!