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Joel Andersson, professor i Materialvetenskap

Joel Andersson, Professor of Materials Science, has the role of chairman of this year's major international conference on superalloys. Photo: University West

About a hundred participants are expected to attend this year's conference on superalloys on May 14-17 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is the tenth conference organized in the research area since the first one was held in 1991 in Pittsburgh. This year, a handful of people from University West and GKN Aerospace will participate.

Why is there so much interest in superalloy 718?

“This superalloy is widely used for various components in the aerospace industry, but also in the chemical industry, offshore and the energy sector. The alloy can withstand high temperatures, high loads and aggressive environments and is also relatively weldable and castable, which makes it perfectly suited for components in, among other things, aircraft engines.”

“Since the alloy is used to such a large extent, there is a broad and great need to increase knowledge about the material.”

What is the conference about?

“Researchers and companies meet here to take part in the latest developments concerning superalloy 718 and other types of superalloys. New knowledge about processes, applications and modeling is presented here. Experts from all over the world shed light on metallurgical issues linked to various manufacturing processes as well as mechanical properties of superalloys.”

What is included in the role of chairman?

“We are a whole group working to get the conference in place and I have had the honor of leading the work. This can, for example, be about invited speakers, the organization of the conference, review of articles and more.”

What does the conference mean to you?

“The first time I attended this conference was in 2005. It was a fantastic experience as a young student to meet the world's most important people in superalloys. The conference gave me a taste for upcoming doctoral studies! A large part of my research deals with superalloys (for example alloy 718) and how to best weld the material to avoid various types of defects.”

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