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Esmaeil Sadeghi, Vahid Hosseini och Per Nylén på PTC

The people behind University West’s new industry-related programmes: Esmaeil Sadeghi, Programme Director of the Master in Metal Additive Manufacturing; Vahid Hosseini, programme director of the Bachelor in International Mechanical Engineering; and Per Nylén, head of the Department of Engineering Science.

“As we follow developments in the world and stay in contact with collaborative partners, we see several major societal challenges on the horizon. Among others, the skills in demand by industry are changing extremely fast. As a university, we want to be a few years ahead of the curve so we can match relevant needs,” says Per Nylén, head of the Department of Engineering Science at University West.

"Over the next five years, we will launch several new programmes and many new courses in production engineering. These include both master’s programmes in specific technologies and engineering programmes with new specialisations. All master’s programmes have an international profile and will be available online, particularly to give working engineers greater flexibility."

Greater flexibility

"We are also significantly expanding the range of courses so that experienced engineers can build on their background with specialist knowledge in new areas of technology. This is part of our commitment to facilitate lifelong learning,” says Nylén.

In autumn 2021, the university will start a two-year Master’s Programme in Metal Additive Manufacturing focusing on metallic materials and applications with high performance requirements. Several industrial companies have helped in developing content for the programme, and the students will interact with industrial companies during their studies. In the coming years, plans call for more master’s courses and programmes in additive manufacturing, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, data security and welding.

In January 2022, University West is also starting a new three-year Bachelor in International Mechanical Engineering. It has a broader content than traditional mechanical engineering programmes and provides multidisciplinary knowledge of production, materials and factories of the future.

Both programmes are distinctly internationally oriented and prepare students for work around the world. Internships can be done abroad, and the University’s international student recruitment offers students insights into different cultures.

Cutting-edge research

“Industrial companies operating internationally are likely to be very interested in these students. The programmes are also linked to the cutting-edge research under way in our production technology research environment, where we lead the world in certain technology areas,” says Nylén.

GKN Aerospace in Trollhättan is one of several companies with which the University collaborates on education and research. The corporation is one of the few in the world developing and manufacturing advanced parts for aircraft engines and space rockets.

“For us, it is extremely important to have cutting-edge expertise in production engineering because we develop products with extremely high demands for durability,” says Henrik Runnemalm, Vice President, Research and Technology at GKN Aerospace Engine Systems.

“Technological transitions mean that we need to solve problems in new ways and with more advanced tools. We need a continuous dialogue between academia and industry to update our engineers with new specialised knowledge. With University West and other higher education institutions, we create forms of training that can be combined with daily engineering work.”


  • Conducts cutting-edge research and education in production engineering.
  • 10 industry-related engineering programmes and more than 40 courses for working engineers – most of which are offered both on campus and online.
  • 2 doctoral programmes
  • Sweden’s leading university in Work-Integrated Learning (WIL).
  • 9 out of 10 students have a job within 12 to 18 months.

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