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The first step has already been taken in the construction of a national stadium in western Sweden for 3D printing in metal with the ongoing project 3DPrint with University West as the project manager and the European Regional Development Fund and Region Västra Götaland as financiers. Now, Chalmers and University West received funding from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth for another project designed to take the second step in the construction of the national stadium with Chalmers as the project manager. The goal of the project is to build a functional interaction structure with an international dimension and to carry out two collaborative projects in 3D printing. Collaboration structure built up will be a national resource for training, development and innovations in 3D printing in metal.

- The manufacturing industry in the region will be strengthened by new research findings are brought out - results that have been generated in cooperation between industry and research groups at Chalmers and University West, says Per Nylén, head of University West's production technology research group.

3D printing goes from simple plastic printers for home use to very advanced machinery for the manufacture of complex aerospace and automotive components, stationary gas turbines and personalized medical implants. 3D printing can control exactly how the materials are being built, providing an unparalleled production flexibility and optimal utilization of resources. The technology also provides opportunities to create new kinds of products that cannot be produced with current technology.

Supply of expertise competence

Within the new national stadium, enterprises, researchers and funding agencies gather for a focused, concerted effort for innovation and reindustrialization. University West, Chalmers and Swerea IVF collaborate to strengthen western Sweden in a national perspective, and also applies for funds from Vinnova for a national centre of expertise competence for additive manufacturing of metal. The different parties bring different expertise in automated 3D printing. Activities at Chalmers is the world leader in powder technology forming the basis for 3D printing in metal. While at University West are investing in a new powder-bed laboratory for the same purpose.

- At Chalmers we invest in the powder bed technology where we together with University West will have a strong resource base in terms of additive manufacturing, says Lars Nyborg, manager of powder metallurgy and surface technology research at Chalmers and Head of the Department of Materials and Manufacturing Technology.

The long term goal is to raise the level of technology and delivery capabilities among the region's small and medium-sized enterprises and make them capable to deliver to the international aerospace industry, but also in the automotive and engineering industries.

Operational management:
Lars Nyborg, Chalmers, project manager, +4631-772 24 57
Per Nylen, University West, assistant project manager, 0733-97 50 61
Peeter Päts, University West, assistant project manager, 0733-97 51 89