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MathMot is a longitudinal study on motivation for mathematics in primary school involving six European countries, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Estonia and Serbia. The project has received funding from The Research Council of Norway. Responsible for the project is Jelena Radišić at the University of Oslo. The contact persons for Sweden are Kajsa Yang Hansen and Cecilia Thorsen, both at University West Trollhättan.

An international viewpoint

MathMot is built on the assumption that one of the main goals of mathematics teaching should be children’s long-term motivation for learning the subject, which aids them to strive for achievement in mathematics. However, we know less about the development of mathematics motivation, especially on the transition between elementary to middle school. MathMot investigates the development of mathematics motivation as well as factors affecting this process from an international viewpoint. 

50 schools in each country

The project will investigate mathematics teaching and learning in grade 3 and 4 in 50 schools within each country and follow up these same students one year later. The aim is to deepen our understanding of how motivation related to mathematics develops during the transition from elementary to middle school and what are relevant classroom practices supporting the positive development of motivation for learning mathematics. The project team will collaborate closely with teachers from participating schools and classes both in the interpretation of key findings and in translating this knowledge into practical tools teachers can use in everyday activities. 

For more information 

Contact at University West:
Cecilia Thorsen
Kajsa Yang Hansen

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