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PTC has a very strong research environment in terms of metallurgy, process development and simulation, primarily in welding technology and additive manufacturing, but also in manufacturing processes as thermal spraying and machining.

About thirty people were on site when the new Gleeble machine was presented and inaugurated. There were representatives from GKN Aerospace, SKF and several technology consulting firm and of course, researchers from University West and Chalmers. Associate Professor Joel Andersson, Head of Welding Technology at University West are very pleased that the machine is finally in place after several years of preparation, applications and more.

Why is this machine so important?

- Gleeble machine gives us new opportunities to help industries to developing and researching new technologies and improving manufacturing processes. Above all, we now have better opportunities to conduct basic and long-term research with industry and with other universities. 

What can Gleeble machine do?

- We can test and simulate how different metals works, for example, welding, forging, rolling, casting, machining and additive manufacturing. We can try a variety of characteristics, for example super alloys, titanium, steel and aluminum. The machine can both pull apart and push together the metals, and it can quickly heat up and cool down metals.

- For example, we examine if there are cracks in the new material during welding or during subsequent heat treatment. We can also help solve the problem in a manufacturing process by examining and testing our way to a better manufacturing process, which ultimately provides a better and more robust manufacturing process and material quality. 

Is this machine unique in Sweden?

- No, there is some more Gleeble machines in Sweden. However, those machines are different because they are adapted for different types of tests and materials. Dynamic Systems Inc. manufactures them in the USA since about 50 years. Our machine cost about 8 million SEK, so it is a great investment.

Industrial companies on the waiting list for PTC now?

- We have commissioned research which run several years ahead with companies like GKN Aerospace, Alfa Laval, Sandvik, ESAB and others. The new Gleeble machine contributes to a very strong research environment that makes it possible for us to be at the forefront in this area. Our machine park and the expertise is unique. It will probably lead to more jobs and to cooperation with other industrial companies.

Joel Andersson

Joel Andersson Professor Professor of Material Science and Head of Division of Welding Technology