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- It is incredibly exciting that University West will be part of this network. When a modern and smart city faces the future, sustainability, growth and digitalisation are crucial. These are issues that we work actively with, says Thomas Winman, head of the Department of Economics and IT.

In addition to Trollhättan, Vänersborg and the two Italian cities of Ravenna and Cervia are included. The four cities are also part of the Sweden Emilia-Romagna Network (SERN). In addition to the cities and the university, Innovatum Science Park in Trollhättan will also participate.

The Intelligent Cities Challenge, which is the successor to the Digital Cities Challenge, has turned out to be very popular. 131 applications covering 198 European cities from 20 countries were submitted. Of these, 90 applications were granted.

The ambition of the ICC is to create a network of European cities that use the potential of new technologies to improve citizens' quality of life, ensure growth and promote a healthy, green and sustainable society in cities, municipalities, regions and the EU as a whole.

- The university's knowledge of work-integrated learning will add a lot to the ICC and SERN because it provides new opportunities to collaborate and work across borders Intelwith research and societal development in several areas, says Thomas Winman.

According to him, there are four areas where the university can contribute to the development of new knowledge: smart and green mobility and transport, e-government and digitalisation of public services, innovative education and the digitalisation of industry.

- From the university's perspective, there is much to be gained from this collaboration. We will be able to participate in long-term local and international development projects. We also gain access to an international innovation network and can share learning and development together with international mentors. That is extremely valuable for a university that prioritizes collaboration and knowledge creation together with the outside world, says Thomas Winman.

For additional information:
Thomas Winman
Head of the Department of Economics and IT
073-397 50 95