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SPS2024 besöker PTC

The research, equipment, and collaboration at Production Technology Center in Trollhättan were presented to the conference participants. Photo: University West.

New skills, research, and innovations are required to meet the industry's goals of producing with new methods that have a smaller environmental footprint. This involves using new materials, manufacturing methods, and work processes.

To take new steps towards development and innovation, experiences need to be cross-linked with new knowledge. Here, the Swedish Production Symposium plays an important role in strengthening collaboration between academia and industry.

During three days, PhD students, researchers, and industry actors from different parts of the world have been exposed to new research, inspired by keynote speakers, and given presentations on the research and equipment at the Production Technology Center in Trollhättan.

"Very important platform"

– Swedish Production Symposium is a very important platform, says Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck, professor at Luleå University. Here, young PhD students and professors – and everyone in between – meet to present their latest results. Exciting lecturers and insights also provide valuable environmental analysis, says Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck, professor at Luleå University.

Out of a total of 150 participants, around 40 PhD students from various parts of Sweden were present. One of them was Natalie Agerskans, who is head of the network for PhD students, PADOK.

– It is incredibly valuable to meet PhD students from other universities. Among other things, we have conducted a workshop together with companies that work on similar challenges to what we research. In this way, we learn from each other and can find new collaborations, says Natalie.

University West hosted the conference, which is held every other year by the Swedish Production Academy and the Production Development Academy. An important purpose of the event is to create broad collaboration between industry and researchers.

Translating research findings into practice

"In Sweden, over the past few decades, we have developed a unique opportunity to directly translate our research findings into practice through our close collaboration with industry," says Joel Andersson, professor at University West and chair of the conference.

"An example of the developed collaboration between academia and the business sector is the Swedish Production Symposium 2024, where we have been able to demonstrate how our latest advancements in areas such as advanced materials and smart manufacturing processes not only enable a more sustainable production but also enhance the competitiveness of Swedish companies."

"It is through such initiatives that we can make significant progress towards a more sustainable industrial future, which is crucial in today's economy," says Joel.

Watch the film from the conference!