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Den franske studenten Alexandre Minvielle demonstrerar belysningslösningar

- I’ve been working on this since the beginning of the year, says Alexandre.

During his presentation at the Production Technology Centre (PTC) in Trollhättan Alexandre showed how an industrial robot can package lamps in boxes easily and efficiently. He has also developed a camera solution that makes it possible to inspect the quality of one of the lamp’s glue joints.

The two representatives from TYRI followed the presentation with great interest and were very pleased afterwards.

- It was really interesting. His presentation inspired us and gave us ideas for new technical solutions, says Daniel Segerdahl, production manager at TYRI.  

Alexandre, originally from the University of Limoges, was very pleased with his presentation. 

- I’m happy because they were happy, and it seems like they will use some of my ideas in their production

Text: Andreas Borg/Stefan Kudryk
Photo: Andreas Borg