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- It's such an honour. When vice-chancellor Martin Hellström called me, I was shocked and almost speechless. It was emotional to know that my colleagues at University West nominated me for this. We have worked together for many years now to advance the knowledge and practice of WIL, she says.

Dr. Drysdale's research has focused on the transition from education to professional life. She has examined attitudes and behaviors that are considered important in making that transition a successful one, such as self-esteem, study methods, mental health, work ethic, and motivation. She has been particularly interested in how WIL contributes to preparing individuals for the shift from student life to work-life.

Dr. Drysdale has had a lot of contact with University West over the years. According to the nomination, she has impressed with her deep knowledge and visionary attitude toward the development of research on work-integrated learning. She has been instrumental in building a research environment for WIL at University West.

The nomination points to her invaluable contribution to lifting WIL research from a regional and national level to becoming an international research topic. She has made a strong contribution to creating global research networks around WIL. Many of her publications are compulsory reading at University West’s master's and doctoral programs.

- I visited University West for the first time in 2008 to learn more about work-integrated learning. After seven visits, I now feel like a part of the academic community there. As soon as travel restrictions are lifted, my plan is to return to Sweden to continue my research and deepen our knowledge concerning WIL, Maureen concludes.

For additional information and comments: 
Dr. Maureen Drysdale

Vice-chancellor Martin Hellström
Phone: +46 520 223050