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- Naturally, we are glad word is spreading that we are especially good in this area. We hope this will have positive effects in the long term when these students enter professional life and meet patients and relatives, says University West Professor Elisabeth Dahlborg. She conducted the training initiative as a webinar along with Susanna Höglund Arveklev and Karin Renström, also from University West.

The themes for the day were “Equal health and medical care - how do we achieve it?” and adopting a norm-critical approach.

- Inequalities in treatment rarely result from conscious behaviours on the part of the health care staff. But staff members need to be aware of how their own values and norms affect encounters with patients, says Dahlborg.

Those participating included students in the nursing programme, the specialist nursing programme (with 11 specialisations), the radiography programme, and the midwife programme and those who teach these programmes. The aim of the initiative was to increase teachers’ and students’ knowledge and awareness of the importance of systematic work to achieve health care on equal terms for the entire population. It also stimulated ideas for development projects in the area.

- I am convinced that nursing personnel who have acquired knowledge about equal care in the long term can increase the potential for equal and sustainable care in society.

Contact: Elisabeth Dahlborg,, +46 (0)739-01 34 24