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University West has long had an established collaboration with Glasgow Caledonian University, which now has taken a new form. Since physical exchanges between the universities is not an option at present, new initiatives have been taken for digital.

- The collaboration between University West and Glasgow Caledonian University has existed for a time. Exchanging international experiences through webinars is a new opportunity, which has been tried in a previous course. Now nurse students in two more courses at University West have had the opportunity to participate in a joint webinar with nurse students from Glasgow Caledonian University, explains Annelise Tilly Lund, university lecturer and one of the organizers behind the webinar.

Senior lecturer Susanne Andersson, also one of the organizers behind the webinar, points out that exchange does not have to take place on site in order to bring valuable insights.

- You can also compare differences, similarities, and opportunities digitally, says Susanne. It is a new way to internationalize - internationalization from home.

Pre-diabetes and public health

The focus during the webinar was pre-diabetes and public health, topics that are equally relevant for both Swedish and Scottish students.

The approximately 60 students got divided onto in mixed groups where they discussed six patient cases formulated by the teachers in Sweden and in Scotland.

- Based on these patient cases, how do you do in Scotland compared to Sweden? There were many cases where there were clear differences, but at the same time there was a lot of similarities between the two countries as well, Susanne explains.

The students who participated expressed that it was interesting to learn about the differences and similarities. Here are some comments from students who participated in the webinar:

"It was really interesting to connect with nurses from another country and find out the differences and similarities."

“I really enjoyed learning about care in Sweden and talking to the Swedish students. I learned that we are quite similar!”

Pre-diabetes, which was the focus, is not only a public health problem in Sweden, but also in other parts of the world. One of the big takeaways from webinars like this is that the students get a better and more global perspective.

- We really want to continue to highlight the opportunities for internationalization, to make students understand the benefits of collaborations like this, says Annelise. You increase your knowledge in pre-diabetes, public health, and in the role of the specialist nurse. You also get a more global perspective.

If you have questions, you can contact:

Annelise Tilly Lund

Susanne Andersson