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Pavan Bhaskar holding a certificate naming him Global Swede 2021

The students, who this year came from 17 different countries, have excelled in areas linked to innovation and entrepreneurship and proved to be good representatives of both Sweden and their own country.

- Receiving the Global Swede Award for 2021 is a great honour for me. My supervisor deserves a lot of credit for recognizing my efforts and nominating me for this award. I would like to express my gratitude to my friends and family who assisted me in getting to this point, says a happy Pavan Bhaskar.

According to Pavan, during his time in Sweden he has discovered new ways to both understand and learn things. The time at University West has also led to a greater understanding of different cultures.

- University West provides work-integrated learning which is a phenomenal opportunity for a student to have hands-on experience during their course. Work-integrated learning helps in preparing future-ready students, says Pavan.

The university submitted the following endorsement of Mr. Bhaskar to the organizers:

During his time at University West, Pavan Bhaskar, has gained great knowledge on different subjects and worked on various projects that has helped him to improve his technical skills. He firmly believes in teamwork and helping others to increase his own understanding. He has worked as an SI-leader to help junior students and as a coordinator for an international conference, Emerging Trends in Science and Engineering.

This is the eleventh year in a row that the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Swedish Institute organize the Global Swede ceremony. According to the organizers, the purpose is to recognize foreign students and their importance as ambassadors for Sweden, as well as to inspire students to maintain the relationship with Sweden and their university after completing their studies.

The ceremony was attended by Minister for Foreign Trade Anna Hallberg and Madeleine Sjöstedt, Director General of the Swedish Institute.