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About a hundred festively dressed guests were present and close to 400 people attended this year's Academic Ceremony online as 11 professors, 16 associate professors, and 21 doctors received laurel wreaths, diplomas, and other awards. In addition, attention was drawn to the university's newly appointed honorary doctor and this year's recipient of the Student Union at University West's pedagogical award.

For Associate Professor Mohit Gupta, it was extra valuable that the ceremony was broadcast live this year.

- My family lives in India and really appreciate that they can follow the whole holiday, commented Mohit.

Academic Ceremony is about celebrating new knowledge and progress, and at University West it is normally done every two years. After the most recent celebration in 2018, the ceremony has been postponed due to the pandemic. Therefore, this year's holiday was extra long-awaited.

As tradition dictates, a number of inspiring speeches were given, this year by, among others, Dr. Tahira Raza. She told about her journey from being an unemployed, single mother of 4 children without higher education, to becoming a doctor of production technology.

- It is never too late to get an education. I was 36 years old when I decided to study engineering at University West, Tahira said.

Here you can get a glimpse of the celebration and comments from some of the guests:

At the Academic Celebration 2021, the following people were noticed:

Honorary doctor

Maureen Drysdale, Professor of Psychology, University of Waterloo and St. Jerome's University, Canada.


Adnan Agic, Production Engineering
Ashwin Devotta, Production Engineering
Karl Fahlström, Production Engineering
Vahid Hosseini, Production Engineering
Ana Magalhães, Production Engineering
Morgan Nilsen, Production Engineering
Livia Norström, Informatics specialization work-integrated learning
Tahira Raza, Production Engineering
Arbab Rehan, Production Engineering
Edvard Svenman, Production Engineering
Nageswaran Tamil Alagan, Production Engineering

Doctors who have defended their dissertations at another university

Monica Egelström, Pedagogical work, Umeå University
Johan Gross, Linguistics, University of Gothenburg
Fabian Hanning, Materials Science, Chalmers University of Technology
Anette Johnsson, Health and Caring Sciences, Jönköping University
Sabina Kapetanovic, Welfare and Social Sciences, Jönköping University
Stefan Nilsson, Informatics, University of Gothenburg
Maria Rönnerhag, Caring Sciences, University of Southeast Norway
Ellinor Tengelin, Health and Caring Sciences, Jönköping University
Kurt Wicke, Pedagogy, University of Gothenburg
Linnéa Åberg, Work Science, University of Gothenburg


Midhat Ajanovic, Film Studies
Mikael Baaz, Political Science
Malin Berghammer, Caring Science
Åse Boman, Care science specialization work-integrated learning
Mirella Forsberg Ahlcrona, Educational Science with a didactic focus
Mohit Gupta, Production Technology specializing in thermal spraying
Tuba Inal, Political Science
Veronika Karlsson, Nursing specialization work-integrated learning
Åsa Rejnö, Nursing
Signild Risenfors, Pedagogy
Fredrik Sikström, Production Technology specialization process control
Lena Sjöberg, Pedagogy
Maria Spante, Informatics
Ylva Svensson, Psychology
Anita Varga, Literary Studies with a didactic focus
Thomas Winman, Pedagogy specialization work-integrated learning


Anette Bolin, Social work
Jan Gustafsson Nyckel, Educational Science
Ali Kazemi, Psychology specializing in work and organizational psychology
Ulrika Lundh Snis, Informatics specialization work-integrated learning
Martin Molin, Social work focusing on the disability area
Lena Pareto, Informatics specialization work-integrated learning
Sandra Pennbrant, Care Science specialization work-integrated learning
Laurence Piper, Political Science specialization work-integrated learning
Åsa Roxberg, Care Science
Americo Scotti, Welding technology specialization arc welding
Lars Walter, Work-integrated learning specialization in industry digitalisation

Educational prize

Traditionally, the Student Union at University West awarded the Pedagogical Prize to one of the university's teachers. This year's winner is Andreas de Blanche, senior lecturer in Computer Science.