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One of students who was paid attention to was Paria Karimi Neghlani from University West.
-By achieving the award, which made me feel extremely honored, it led me to look back and reflect on my way until this day, to understand where I am and what I should do for my future career. By this event, Sweden shows that the geographical boundaries never separate people from collaborating, says Paria.

The purpose is to engage the students as ambassadors for Sweden and the students will participate in a global network which will collaborate and facilitate exchange and trade between countries.
-By this nomination, I have realized that I have a huge responsibility in order to be a good ambassador for my university and for Sweden wherever I am, she says.

University West´s nomination:
“Paria Karimi Neghlani is a PhD student in Additive Manufacturing at University West. She is a very good student with a passion for her work. Paria also has a high ambition that the research shall be of high value for the Swedish industry. Paria’s dedication, her social skills and her passionate efforts to build knowledge in close collaboration with the Swedish industry makes her very well suited to be nominated by University West to Global Swede 2017!”

Photo: Catarina Axelsson, Regeringskansliet