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- There are already exciting results, both about processes and material impact, and I am convinced that the project will help to move forward the position of additive manufacturing, says Peter Harlin, chairman of the project's steering group and Senior R&D Engineer at Sandvik Materials Technology, a leading partner in the project .

Meet Peter Harlin as commenting on Sandvik Materials Technology's part in the project.

The research at the University West focuses on metallic materials. Sandvik Materials Technology is a world-leading supplier of high alloyed metal powder for additive manufacturing. In Sandviken, Sandvik Group also has a center for additive manufacturing and thus has a platform that covers the entire value chain in additive manufacturing. Sandvik has previously worked with University West in the field of production technology.

- University West feels like a university with ambitions and full of new ideas they dare to realize. Their experience of conducting research together with industry partners are shown in their way of performing their research projects, says Peter Harlin.

Great enthusiasm from partners

This week, a larger summit of active partners and the various so-called work packages that were rigged in the project were conducted.

- It's makes me extra glad that companies show a great deal of commitment, which was proven not the least at the seminar where both support and enthusiasm exceeded my expectations, says research director Per Nylén at University West. 

The project is three years old and focuses on creating a basic understanding of the relationship between process, material structure and material properties. The project is still a bit in its start-up phase, but Per Nylén is more than satisfied so far.

- I am impressed by how much has been achieved, given that the project only has lasted for nine months. We already have a lot of results that show great industrial interest and which are at the same time of scientific interest with high publicity. The project is running at a consistent and high pace, and we are performing well before our original plan.

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Contact: Per Nylén, Research Director

Text: Anna Hallberg