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Foto på Ngawang Sonam, Tibetan Settlement Office

Ngawang Sonam from Tibetan Settlement Office on campus.

Ngawang Sonam was here for two major reasons - to renew the agreement on work-based training and field projects for primarily the nursing students and students following the programme Social psychiatric care and to give a lecture on environmental issues related to the Tibetan Settlement Office.

In India, The Department of Home, the second of the 7 CTA Departments, is responsible for the welfare and rehabilitation of the Tibetans in exile. There are 45 Tibetan Settlement Offices under this department in India, Nepal and Bhutan. It looks after 15 agriculture-based settlements, 13 Handicraft based settlements and 16 cluster and scattered communities in India.

Lecture about Clean Upper Dharamshala Programme
Ngawang Sonam, environmental coordinator at Tibetan Settlement Office at the Centre for Sustainable development gave a lecture about Clean Upper Dharamshala Programme and the history of Environmental Desk, Tibetan Settlement Office. He also took the opportunity to meet the responsible for the organization focusing on sustainability within the university, to exchange experiences.

At the lecture he started by introducing the structure of Central Tibetan Administration (Government in Exile) in a general sense, and then continued to sustainability issues with the Charter of Clean Upper Dharamshala Programme as a focal point. He also covered the history of Environmental Desk, Tibetan Settlement Office.

- Sweden is a role model for waste disposal so I learn a lot when I’m here. The University has arranged several study visits and I’m really privileged. For me it is a double benefit to come here – both to learn about the waste area and to meet the teachers and those responsible for the nursing programme and the programme Social psychiatric care, says Ngawang Sonam.

Collaboration for many years
Since 2006 University West has a long-standing collaboration with the Tibetan Settlement Office, Dharamsala, India. The purpose is for students from Sweden to be received in India to complete work-based training (VFU) but also field projects. Students can participate in school, substance abuse care, women's projects and work with disabled children. Experience is also exchanged between teachers.

-The students get a chance to see other things and new perspectives when they are here which of course gives them useful experiences, says Ngawang Sonam.