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Collage campusutveckling
- I believe the Campus Development as a whole is of great importance to the students, not only because it shows that the university is growing and developing, it will also contribute to more places to study and meet for the students. In a normal situation with on-campus education, campus can quickly become crowded so there is a need for more space and more group rooms in different sizes. The new meeting square with accompanying café section will be a great boost, it will be a place the students will be able to use both for studies and socializing.

Paulina Samuelsson_beskuren

What are the main benefits of developing the campus?

- If you look at the entire Campus Development Plan, one of the biggest positives is that University West keep on evolving and becoming an even more attractive campus to apply to. Not only because of improved study areas and development of learning environments. Also, because there will be more life on campus in the form of service and activity, and above all, with student housing on campus.


- We at the Student Union see this as a very positive development and we hope it will contribute to Trollhättan becoming a more attractive city for students. It will enable new opportunities to include and integrate international students more in student life in Trollhättan.

What do you think will be extra beneficial for the students with the Campus Development?

- Above all, University West will become a more attractive place to study. When the construction starts, I think it will send a message - that the university and the city appreciate and cherish having students here.

- In general, campus is not only a place for studying and learning, but it can also be so much more. With the Campus Development, even more opportunities will be made possible, for example being able to increase accessibility to both libraries and meeting places. Many students need physical and interpersonal encounters to be able to improve in their studies and learning. I believe that these needs will be will be met in a better way with this Campus Development.

Campus Development Plan 2030:

Collaboration is a big part of the work on Campus Development Plan 2030. Included in this collaboration are University West, the Student Union at University West, the City of Trollhättan, property owner Kraftstaden and the municipal housing company Eidar.

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