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Foto på Tomas Bengtsson

Tomas Bengtsson, director of international affairs at University West

- It feels really good to be able to welcome all these students. Most countries outside the EU have more or less problems as there are fewer, and thus more expensive, flights and it takes a little longer to get a residence permit in some countries, says Tomas Bengtsson, director of international affairs at University West.

The number of students coming this year is for obvious reasons a little less than last year.

- It is the same for almost all universities in Sweden. Some have even chosen not to accept exchange students at all this semester. We have fewer exchange students, but we hopefully have more international program students on site than last year, says Tomas Bengtsson.

University West is working to recruit international students, especially to a dozen programs at  graduate level and an internationally oriented program at undergraduate level and therefore made a decision earlier this spring to continue according to plan.

So from near and far away they come to Sweden, Trollhättan and University West to study, also this year. They will drop in the next coming weeks, but Tomas Bengtsson does not see this as a problem.

- If you have to say something positive about last spring, it is that we have sharpened our skills in digital teaching and those who arrive late can keep up with the start-up much easier.

This year's introduction also took place digitally and a number of live webinars were arranged during Introduction Days last week. Introduction Days are arranged to give them a good start in their studies. They were welcomed by Vice-Chancellor Martin Hellström, received information about the campus and what applies due to Corona, how they find their schedule, IT system, library, etc. - simply to get at grip of the most important things to be able to get started with their studies.

Contact: Tomas Bengtsson, director international affairs, University West, 0706-99 39 18