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The Bachelor in International Mechanical Engineering programme (3 years) at University West is very popular and most of the new students are international.

The broad, relevant studies create mechanical engineers with great skills, ready for the industry's demands. That is what makes this programme so unique. After graduation, the students will be well prepared for work or further studies in integrated systems.

Big data, additive manufacturing, electric vehicles, lightweight components and advanced materials have created a new frontier for incoming mechanical engineers. Now, successful engineers need knowledge of manufacturing processes, materials science, robotics and automation, electric vehicles and supply chain management.

It is very flattering that 43 students are registered to the programme for 2022, but maybe not so surprising.

“We are really happy with the response. Our new programme includes courses in several fields: robotics, automation, logistics, materials science and manufacturing engineering, and that has been in my opinion the key to success. The future engineers know that being versatile and well prepared in multidisciplinary engineering fields is what will open them the doors to future working opportunities”, says Asun Valiente, programme manager.

This week, the students have started arriving at University West and everyone seems positive and excited before the start of the semester. Romain, Ludovic, Julie, Canelle and Maxime are new students and they are all from France. It is the first time they are in Sweden and the spirit is high. They look forward to the first lecture and introduction days at University West.

“We are very motivated and look forward to the studies at University West. It is important to have a good education for the future ", says Romain.

Another student is Alfiya from Turkey. She has just arrived in Trollhättan and is also very excited about the new programme.

“I chose this program because I want to become a demanded industrial engineer and I believe that Sweden and the University West in particular are the best places to implement my plan”, she says.


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