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University West’s researchers are national leaders in welding-based additive manufacturing. Funding from the Knowledge Foundation means that cutting-edge research can be further developed.

The total sum granted by the Knowledge Foundation is SEK 74 million. In addition, the companies will contribute with around SEK 60 million. Together with the university's own funds, this adds up to a total of just over SEK 145 million.

“It is very positive and gratifying that the Knowledge Foundation supports our continued work to build a strong research and educational environment. The projects that have been approved are important elements for strengthening the Swedish industry in the transition to digitized sustainable production”, says Lennart Malmsköld, Programme Manager Primus.

Further develop cutting-edge expertise in additive manufacturing

In the largest project, Dedicate, the researchers will further develop the cutting-edge expertise that the university has already established in welding-based additive manufacturing. In recent years, the manufacturing method has been developed in close collaboration with GKN Aerospace, Alfa Laval, Permanova, BAE Systems Hägglunds and other companies. The project will run for eight years and will engage 25 production technology researchers. The research team will thus be expanded by a number of new doctoral students and senior researchers.

New research initiatives

The funding also means that the research environment can be strengthened with new senior lecturers and a number of new research initiatives, such as:

  • A completely new initiative about investigating how digital tools can be used to create sustainable and health-promoting workplaces. The research will be carried out in close collaboration with a number of companies.
  • A newly recruited senior lecturer that will study how recycling of lithium-ion batteries for electric cars can be carried out with the help of automation solutions.
  • One of the university's logistics researchers will work part-time for the forest industry company Södra to develop new systems for logistical flows together with the company.
  • Another project will investigate whether engines in heavy vehicles can become more environmentally friendly by coating components using thermal spraying.

Builds on a strong research environment

Primus research environment was established by University West 2018 and will over a ten-year period develop strong research and education in technology and learning. Primus is part of the Knowledge Foundation's programme "KK environment". It builds on two of the university's well-established research areas - production technology and work-integrated learning - and close collaboration with industry.

To receive funding each year, a business plan must be approved by the Knowledge Foundation. It presents the desired investments in Primus' three core areas; Production processes, Production systems and Industrial work-integrated learning (I-AIL).

“In 2022, University West will enter its fifth year of a period of 10 years. It is very exciting to closely follow the university's work to strengthen its profiling and see how they increasingly use our entire program portfolio strategically”, says Eva Schelin, CEO of the Knowledge Foundation.

Contact: Lennart Malmsköld, Programme Manager Primus, University West, 0721-60 01 53


Researchers and the industry are developing new knowledge together to make Swedish industry more competitive. Technology and learning are combined in a unique way. The research is conducted in three focus areas: production processes, production systems and industrial Work-integrated learning.

The research environment Primus was established by University West 2018 and will over a ten-year period develop strong research and education in technology and learning. Primus is part of the Knowledge Foundation's program "KK environment". Read more at