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James-Dean el Aoud, student Tekniskt basår

This autumn's admission to the Technical Foundation Year Programme shows that the number of students has almost doubled in recent years. Of the more than 170 students, several have chosen to study the education at distance, which is a novelty for this academic year.

"The number of students who complete the entire education with approved results has also increased. This is thanks to the teaching team's special efforts to increase student completion. It is also very gratifying that an increasing proportion of students choose an engineering degree at University West after their studies at the Technical Foundation Year Programme," says Per Nylén.

A record number continue to study at the university's engineering program

This autumn, 42 students who studied Technical Base Year have chosen to study further at University West's engineering program (see fact box below). This is a clear increase compared to the start of the autumn semester 2019, when 30 undergraduate students made the same choice.

The students from the Technical Foundation Year Programme are an important group. A large comparative study, conducted by Per Fagrell and Lars Källander at KTH, shows that these students do better in further engineering studies than those who applied via high school diploma or the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test (Högskoleprovet).

"We who work with the Technical Foundation Year Programme are proud and happy about the results and I see three big winners in this development; the society, University West and above all, the individual student, comments Jens Wallin," programme manager Technical Foundation Year Programme.



Computer engineer: 9 students. Electrical engineer - electric power: 5 students. Electrical engineer - electric vehicle: 5 students. Industrial Economics: 6 students. Land management engineer: 3 students. Mechanical engineer: 14 students.

The Technical Foundation Year Programme is a one-year programme that prepares students for further engineering studies. It is primarily aimed at those who do not have special qualifications for engineering education. Those who complete their studies have a guaranteed place in one of the engineering programmes at University West.

The Technical Foundation Year Programme was implemented for the first time in the academic year 92/93 as an order from the government to arrange supplementary education for those who did not have special qualifications. At University West, the education has existed since the academic year 94/95. Read more