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- Through the work being done on developing our campus, we’re taking great strides in improving our work with climate issues. We want our campus to be green, both in terms of overall sustainability and in terms of access to green areas and recreation, says Li Lejerstedt, University Director and responsible for the ongoing campus development project.

Here are some examples of areas currently in focus:

  • Environmental demands will be made in procurement processes. The demands must be relevant and evaluated regularly.
  • Energy consumption per square meter must be lowered. The energy used by the university must come from renewable sources and the production of renewable energy by the university increased.
  • Lowered CO2 emissions. Revise the university’s procurement of inventories and consumables. Lower emissions from restaurant and catering services. Minimize emissions during construction and create systems to follow up CO2 emissions in all university activities.
  • Develop campus so that we encourage getting to and from the university with as little climate impact as possible.

The vision for the future campus at University West states the following: “There are plenty of appealing green areas to study, work and spend time in, both indoors and outdoors. Our campus is economically, ecologically and socially sustainable. Our production and consumption of energy is smart. Resources and materials are used in a well thought out and innovative way.” 

- We have great opportunities to create real change through the joint work being done with the City of Trollhättan in developing our campus. Obviously, our goal is to convert all the ideas that we have into action, says Li Lejerstedt. 

Participate in climate framework
As part of the work for a better climate, University West has developed a joint climate framework together with 36 Swedish academic institutions. Every participating college or university is obligated to formulate a climate strategy in accordance with the 1,5 degree target by the year 2030. This requires lowering emissions but also a greater involvement by the academy in the climate adaptation required by society in general.   

Climate strategy under development
The process of formulating a climate strategy for University West is underway and is based on the objectives in the climate framework developed by the academic institutions, as well as local environmental priorities. The action points highlighted in the strategy will be taken from the ongoing environmental review being conducted at the university.

- In the review we’ve tried to answer the question: what are the most important environmental aspects for University West? It’s partly about how we conduct education and research, but also how we travel, our energy usage, our procurement processes, our consumption and our waste management, says Hanna Stafhammar Kjellgren, environmental coordinator at University West.   

The climate strategy will be integrated into University West’s general objectives and plan of action for sustainability issues 2020-2022, which is also being formulated.

- The object is to minimize our negative impact on the climate in accordance with international agreements, Sweden’s climate framework and the climate framework for academic institutions, says Hanna Stafhammar Kjellgren.

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