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The nomination for Elisabeth Ohlson points in particular to that she has in a unique way contributed to University West's inclusive work to actively work to increase norm awareness in society and raise awareness of the consequences of norms for equality in society. Ohlson is known for her questionable art. Through her artistic work, Elisabeth Ohlson has strongly contributed to students from University West in their future professions have a norm-critical awareness and a norm-critical approach. Furthermore, it is emphasized that Elisabeth Ohlson as an honorary doctor can continue to support and further develop the norm-critical perspective in all higher education programs at the university and thus contribute to the university's mission to contribute to shaping democratic citizens with a critical approach.

- My work over the past 30 years has been about portraying and highlight prejudices against people who live outside the norm. By reinterpreting historical, already existing, works of art, I want to disrupt the viewer's thoughts. It has been a messy journey through hatred and threats. But I also feel great humility to all the people whose trust I have received, all who have participated and posed in my pictures. Being appointed an honorary doctor at University West is not only an honor for me but a signal to everyone who lives in exclusion that norms can change, says Elisabeth Ohlson in a comment.

Foto på Elisabeth Ohlson

Elisabeth Ohlson (Photo: Private)

Hanne Smidt Södergård is appointed honorary doctor at University West 2022 in light of the crucial efforts she has made since 2015 in terms of quality, development and strategic future work for the university. Hanne Smidt Södergård has, with efforts far beyond what is expected within the framework of her assignment, contributed to learning within University West in important key areas such as: broadened recruitment/broadened participation, validation/assessment of prior learning, evaluation/quality assurance regarding education and processes for strategic partnership. She actively promotes and involves University West in her international networks and has contributed with crucial contacts and project initiatives in several areas.

- I was very pleasantly surprised when the Vice-Chancellor called and asked if I wanted to accept becoming an honorary doctor at University West. And of course I thanked for the great honor. I appreciate that University West has a big heart and works actively and focused with research and education that contributes to the development of society through the development of Work Integrated Learning. This focus is corresponding with my work in European higher education over the past 30 years, and with my collaboration with University West, says Hanne Smidt Södergård in a comment.

Foto på Hanne Smidt

Hanne Smidt Södergård (Photo: Private)

The Doctoral Award Ceremony will take place at the upcoming Academic ceremony at University West, 11 November 2022.

Martin Hellström, Vice-Chancellor, University West,, +46 739 01 33 51
Elisabeth Ohlson, +46 708 14 42 42
Hanne Smidt Södergård, +46 768 24 06 01