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University West's research in production technology has recently received research funding from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, and the EU for further building of laboratory in flexible automation (Miljö-FIA). The project has a clear link to research towards more environmentally friendly aircraft and engines. New concepts for flexible automation in manufacturing aero engine components are essential to achieve these objectives and the new laboratory will be an important part of this knowledge

- Production of example GKN Aerospace with advanced materials and processes require a high degree of automation that does not exist today. Increased competition and focus on costs means that resource efficiency and flow must be optimized. There are innovative and flexible automation of key factors, says Fredrik Danielsson, head researcher at University West, and continues: 

- Demonstrators of new technologies allows the new to faster achieve a breakthrough. In the long run this will contribute to more environmentally friendly aircraft and engines.

Strengthen the network of subcontractors

The requirements for high productivity, utilization and short lead times is also eminently subcontractors. Creating strong network of subcontractors is another important part of the work. GKN along with subcontractor network becomes stronger together.

- The laboratory will contain modern automation equipment that can meet the demands from both large and small companies, says Fredrik Danielsson.

This is done by supplementing the existing equipment at the Production Technology Centre at Innovatum in Trollhättan, where university researchers conduct their research. It will be a modern laboratory automation as well as a center of excellence based on demonstrator capabilities and world-leading research in automation. It is a long-term commitment of the college, Innovatum, Swerea IVF and manufacturing companies in the region with a clear link to EU initiative Clean Sky 2. Initially, the focus will be on companies related to the aviation sector and among other things includes AH Automation, Brogren Industries, Binar Electronics AB and NEVS of cooperation.

 - The goal is to establish a competitive national demonstration environment - both in the lab environment and a center of excellence for knowledge transfer.

University West production technology's research, together with Innovatum and Swerea IVF received about 10 million from the European Regional Development Fund and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. The project runs until 2020-05-31 having from 1 February 2017.

 Official launch takes place on Wednesday at 15:00 March 1 at Production Technology Centre in Trollhättan with a kick-off with the companies involved.

Fredrik Danielsson

Fredrik Danielsson Professor Professor i automation