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Electric vehicle charging

Through the Knowledge Foundation's program NU, University West has been given the opportunity to develop web-based, cutting-edge courses that will contribute to profiling and positioning the research and education internationally. The courses are designed in close collaboration with the business community to ensure relevance. The university has allocated SEK 1.5 million to digitize and develop educations with a focus on electric vehicles. The goal is to attract more international students, and to strengthen cooperation with the business community and the competence in online education.

The courses are part of the band new Master in Electric Vehicle Engineering, but students can also read the courses separately. The three new web-based courses, with a total of 12.5 hp, are Electric Drivetrains, Power Electronics and EMC. The master's programme is aimed at both national and international students on campus and at a distance.

The courses have the same qualification requirement as for mechanical engineers and are aimed, among other things, at mechanical engineers who want to retrain to be able work with the electrification of the transport sector. The courses start in the autumn of 2021 and in the spring of 2022, respectively.

More about the programme where the courses are included.

Boel Ekergård, Program Manager, University West