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- Interest in additive manufacturing is currently very high, both internationally and nationally. There is a very rapid development of industrialization of the technology. A national competence center provides a unique opportunity to create greater competitiveness in both academia and industry. This ties in well with the great efforts that also takes place at University West says Per Nylén leader of research team Production Technology West at University West.

Eight new competence center has been financed by Vinnova over the next five years. One of them is CAM2, a center for the additive manufacturing of metal at Chalmers. Additive manufacturing is sometimes called 3D printing and is quite common for plastic components. Now, the challenges in the metal area are explored.

Research in the CAM2 will be led from Chalmers but also involves the University West, Linköping University and Research Institutes Fraunhofer-Chalmers Center for Industrial Technology and IVF. In addition, the Center has a strong industrial support with 22 companies participating.

Contact University West: Per Nylén, 0733-97 50 61