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For the autumn term, 3,705 students had applied for the various international master's programs that University West offers compared with the autumn of 2021 when there were 2,471 applicants.

"Since 2019, we have worked strategically on international student recruitment and built a recruitment network in selected focus areas", says Tomas Bengtsson. He is responsible for the university's international student recruitment.

Over the years, University West has developed a digital approach since the pandemic began by using webinars. Google Adwords and social media have also been used in recruitment.

"In work with the internal processes, we have adapted everything from program presentations to how we have contact with potential students from the first contact until they apply, are accepted, and finally start-up as students at HV", says Tomas.

"We are constantly developing new and existing programs to become attractive to potential applicants, which is done in collaboration with companies and the industry".