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Bild på Martin Hellström

Vice-Chancellor Martin Hellström.

"Some students express that they are dissatisfied with the fact that education and examination are arranged on the university's premises on site, while others are disappointed that education and examination take place digitally and not on site. 

University West is a state authority led by a Vice-Chancellor appointed by the government (the Prime Minister). The university and the Vice-Chancellor therefore must follow the restrictions and recommendations stipulated by the state and state authorities.

The Prime Minister held a press conference on 10 January 2022, where she explicitly stated that all adult education and higher education must be arranged on site (if stated in the course syllabi), both in terms of teaching and examination. The Minister of Education held a press conference the next day, 11 January 2022, where she repeated this and added that the higher education institutions should investigate whether it is possible to avoid large lectures (this does not apply to seminar exercises, laboratory work or examination).

That information is provided on the Government's website and on the Public Health Agency's website. It is unfortunate but also understandable that the media does not report the information in its entirety. If you only look at an abbreviated media report, the impression can therefore arise that there is room for interpretation where there is really no room for interpretation. The situation is handled in a similar way at all state universities in the country, ie. in accordance with the instructions of the Government and the Ministry of Education.

Due to the current information as well as the current regulations and recommendations, University West has taken measures to handle the situation in accordance with these. (Information about this has been sent out to all students and staff.) Education and examination must therefore, as far as possible, be arranged on site, however, there may be deviations from the form of teaching compared with what is stated in the course syllabus. This is considered legally as a deviation from the syllabus which requires both a decision from me as the Vice-Chancellor to make it possible and a decision from the relevant head of department (head of an institution) after consultation with teachers. I have made such a decision and it means that some teaching elements can be carried out on site, others in hybrid mode, some at a distance. This may also apply to examinations in certain cases. The purpose of this is to reduce the number of people on campus while at the same time giving students the opportunity to be on campus as much as possible. Decisive for the deviations is an assessment based on pedagogical and pandemic-related aspects.

The management at University West has also conveyed that the university is generous in arranging re-examinations so that students do not feel pressured to come to an examination despite symptoms of illness.

When it comes to the situation in classrooms during teaching and examination, teachers, guards and students have a responsibility to ensure that queues and crowding are avoided. It is possible to use a face mask both on the premises and in local traffic. It is important to get vaccinated. Stay home when you are sick. Stay up to date on the situation, it can change if the government and the Public Health Agency change their assessments and recommendations.”