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Bandvagn från BAE Systems Hägglunds

Heavy vehicles can be a new application for metal deposition with wire in AM. The off-road vehicle manufacturer, BAE Systems Hägglunds, is one of the partners in the METTHRAM project.

Additive manufacturing for new applications, welding and heat treatment of new superalloys and coating for future gas turbines. These are some of Primus's six research projects, which Vinnova granted 13 million for at the beginning of the summer.

The project that has received the largest grant, METTHRAM, is about using additive manufacturing with metal deposition of high-strength steels and aluminum alloys.

– Metal deposition with wire as feedstock is much faster compared to, for example, powder bed fusion methods, which is another form of 3D printing. It can also provide significant benefits in tailoring products to better properties than if they are manufactured using conventional manufacturing methods, explains project manager Joel Andersson, Head of Division Welding Technology at University West.

– Today the technology is used in the gas turbine industry for materials such as titanium and nickel-based superalloys. Now we will test the technology for manufacturing in other industries – for both new production, repair and modification of different applications, says Joel.

The research in the METTHRAM project is done in close collaboration with Swerim and the companies Hydro Extruded Solutions and BAE Systems Hägglunds. They manufacture widely different products such as extruded aluminum profiles for a variety of industries and heavy vehicles for the Rescue Service and others.

– It is inspiring with new partners in industries other than the ones we usually collaborate with. New products usually present new challenges, says Joel.

All six projects start in the fall and are expected to be ready in winter 2022.



Metal deposit with additive manufacturing (METTHRAM)

The project investigates how metal deposition with wire as feedstock can be used in several industries regarding high-strength steels and aluminum alloys. It is about new production, repair and modification of different applications. The technology has several advantages. For example, it is considerably faster than 3D printing with powder bed.

Project partners: Swerim, Hydro Extruded Solutions and BAE Systems Hägglunds.

Project leader: Joel Andersson, University West.

Welding and heat treatment studies of new superalloys (FEAST)

The project looks more closely on how to weld and heat treat the two new super alloys G27 and VDM780. The main purpose is to describe how processability, weldability and heat treatment for G27 and VDM780 work in comparison with standard alloys, Alloy 718 and Waspaloy.

Project partners: GKN Aerospace and Brogren Industries.

Project leader: Joel Andersson, University West.

Ultrasonic assisted processing of advanced aluminum alloys

The project investigates whether ultrasonic processing can reduce the adhesion of aluminum alloys when in contact with cutting tools. The result can be reduced wear on cutting tools and better surfaces on manufactured components.

Project partners: Hydro Extruded Solutions and Automotive Components Floby.

Project leader: Tomas Beno, University West

Environmental barrier coatings for Ceramic matrix Composites – a new coating perspective

The project is developing new coatings for gas turbines of composite materials. It can contribute to jet engine development in terms of significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions and reduced fuel consumption.

Project partners: Thermal Spraying & Engineering and Treibacher Industries

Project leader: Nicolaie Markocsan, University West


The project is developing the Electron Beam Melting powder bed process for the titanium alloy Ti-6AI-4V. This includes examining the relationships between process parameters and mechanical properties such as defects in built material. The project strengthens the university's overall AM and titanium research.

Project partner: GKN Aerospace

Project Manager: Robert Pederson

Process control of additive manufacturing with laser and wire

The project develops better process control and monitoring of additive manufacturing with laser and wire in nickel base alloys.

Project partner: GKN Aerospace

Project leader: Fredrik Sikström