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WACE European ISO (International Satellite Office) which is situated at University West, participated in a lot of activities during the conference such as WACE board meeting, organized a breakfast meeting for European conference delegates, moderated a research workshop, participated in a panel to answer questions in a round-table discussion on "How can the WACE global network support your international exchange needs?" The whole conference.

The conference was well organized and included several cultural features. The opening speech was held by the Thai Ministry of Education Dr. Suphat Champatong, who emphasized the importance and strength of AIL in higher education. The next WACE conference will be the International Research Symposium, which will be held for the third time and will take place in Stuttgart, Germany and hosted  by DHBW (23-25 June 2018). The satellite office participates in the planning work for this.

Best regards from Kristina Johansson and Kristina Sandström from WACE Satellite Office at University West.