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  • Biogas 2020
  • Courses for PhD students employed at manufacturing companies - CAPE
  • Promoting research through international collaboration, VERA
  • Future lightweight components for aeroplane engines, INNside
  • Strengthening regional industry by building laboratories, Coldlabs
  • Online engineering education at second-cycle level
  • Innovations implemented with the help of researchers - InnKa
  • Strengthening regional industry by building laboratories - Evironmental labs
  • Technology enhanced learning at advanced level for engineers – Merit
  • Commercialisation of technical research results - PTC Innovation
  • Sustainable Manufacturing Processes (SUMAN) 

Production Systems

  • Scratch
  • Additive manufacturing - new way building components
  • Automatic thermography inspection of welded components with limited access - 18-WeLdt
  • Increased automation of robotic Friction Stir Welding - ARoStir
  • Simulation-Based Optimisation of PLC's – SimBO
  • Holographic assessment of geometrical data – HOLOPRO
  • Fast and robust optical in-process monitoring for welding automation
  • Computer-simulated optimisation of a sheet metal press line
  • Flexible simulation models - FLEXA
  • Flexible welding automation
  • Automation of friction stir welding - StiRoLight
  • Automated quality control of welding joints
  • Flexible manufacturing by lean automation - Flexlean
  • Computer simulation of human motion
  • Faster computer simulation of sheet metal pressing
  • Improved simulation of welding fixturing and camera-based guiding of robotic welding Project title AFFIX
  • RMS- Robotised Laser Metal-wire Deposition
  • Robin - Robust in process joint finding
  • Cost-effective exterior brazing technique for vehicles - LEX-B
  • Robotized non-destructive testing of spot welds - SpotLight
  • Welding automation for lighter aircraft engines - G5 Demo

Subtractive and Additive Manufacturing

  • Multilayered coatings for non-stick applications
  • Environmentally friendly alternatives to hard chromium coatings
  • Enhanced functional performance of gas turbine components through supersonic-sprayed coatings
  • Improved statistical methods for quality assurance
  • Advanced heat insulating coatings
  • Thermal spraying of fuel cells
  • Market launch of an environmentally friendly alternative to hard chrome plating
  • Cold Spray – a new thermal spraying method
  • Spraying a suspension of nanomaterials - Reducing environmental impact
  • Capability and performance enhancing technologies of machining systems - Compit
  • High-volume production of aluminum components - Alkomp
  • Shaping of micro geometry for drilling in composites
  • Development of joinging methods for combinations of different materials - a LIGHTer initiative
  • Condition monitoring of processes and machines during cutting work
  • New solution for recording vibrations during the cutting process - iCut
  • Advanced preparation
  • Vibrations during machining of thin-walled aerospace components
  • Better understanding of cooling in the metal cutting process
  • The next generation of heat insulating coatings
  • New technology for nanostructured coatings
  • Better understanding of a new class of nanostructured metallo-ceramics
  • Heat conductivity in heat insulating coatings
  • Pilot study of a new method for repairs of aeroplane engine components
  • Thermal spraying for repairs

Thermal Spraying

  • Welding metallurgy and cracking in superalloys - Weldmecs

Welding Technology

  • Understanding of laser welding phenomena
  • Welding metallurgy and cracking in superalloys - Weldmecs
  • Lightweight high performance welded structures - LIGHTSTRUCT
  • Active gas welding: heat source simulation
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