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The overall objective of SiCoMaP is to graduate internationally competitive doctors for implementing research results in Swedish manufacturing industries and to increase the level of competence and knowledge in those industries. The academic objective for the research school is to gain increased knowledge in industrial technical problems related to manufacturing while the industrial overall objective is to increase competence within the company, combined with a tighter coproduction and dissemination of research results "industrial & academic". The driving forces are reduced manufacturing cost in parallel with increased quality and reduced environmental footprint.

SiCoMaP is engaging 9 companies and is aiming to graduate 18 PhD-students with doctoral degree at the end of the project. A second aim is that at least five research outcomes will result in commercial products and/or services.

Focus area

The school emphasizes on simulation and control of material affecting processes. This multidisciplinary approach will increase mutual understanding of underlying physics and what is feasible to control. Two major research areas are addressed: production processes and production systems. In both areas simulation technology includes modelling and implementation in realistic situations. Frontline tools for simulation and control will be used to enhance product design and increase the flexibility in production.


SiCoMap is supported by the KK-foundation


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