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Within the general syllabus for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Production Technology it is described that a Ph.D. student must complete between 60-90 course credits within their doctoral degree. There are four courses corresponding to 30 course credits stipulated as mandatory. Three of those must be completed before a Licentiate degree can be applied for. More information can be found at each courses webpage (see below). The additional 30-60 course credits shall be appropriate courses selected together with the supervisors.

A first draft of planned courses are found in the documentlist below.

Below you find links to appropriate courses - see also the list of all research courses at University West for more information.

  • Introduction to post graduate studies 7,5 HE credits (common to all Ph.D. students) (pre-lic)
  • Scientific research methods, trials planning and publishing techniques 7,5 HE credits (pre-lic)
  • Production Technology 7,5 HE credits (Scientific familiarization course, pre-lic)
  • Future Production 7,5 HE credits (Advanced course within topic)

General course information

Economic constraints for SiCOMaP-students, when needed:

  • for travelling - company pays and you arrange yourself
  • for lodging - SiCoMaP pays - please contact for booking lodging and give her arrival/departure time

Please note that you need to apply for all courses via the form for application.

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