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We have previous announced VILÄR as a hybrid version, but due to current circumstances the conference will only be given as an online event.  

The conference will take place in Zoom. There will be a main room where we start and end the conference, in between we will enjoy the keynotes, sessions, and entertainment.

VILÄR is a conference with the aim to scrutinize research and development in work-integrated learning. The conference constitutes a platform for spreading good ideas, inter professional collaboration and the exchange of knowledge.

Work-integrated learning is a generic term for different educational models that bases on collaboration and integration between higher education and working life. In this field of knowledge, we find the challenges that are all a part of work-based education. Cooperative education (Co-op), mentorship programs, clinical rotations, work placements, field studies and other forms of collaboration between higher education and work life. 

The conference is an annual re-occurring venue for scientists, teachers, Phd students, curricula design developers and decision-makers. It targets everyone that is interested in learning and especially work- integrated learning.

The program includes presentations, in English, by planned, ongoing or completed research projects in this specific field of knowledge. We especially welcome contributions that in a concrete way, within the framework of education, show how to practice and develop the students’ approach, student engagement, norms and values, readiness to act and how to promote ability of judgement.

In additions to this, there is opportunity to expand the social network and speak with both national and international scientists within the fields of your expertise.


Current information


Kristina Johansson

Kristina Johansson Avdelningschef Universitetslektor i pedagogik med inriktning mot vuxnas lärande

Eva Erkmar

Eva Erkmar Administrator