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Lifelong learning environments include all social practices and activities that offer the individual agency, experience, and knowledge. In our ‘core field of research’ it is understood that agency and knowledge with an awareness of social structures, institutional conditions, and the individual’s experience, provide the means for learning and participation through education and work.

ur core research also contributes to knowledge and collective processes, which provide understanding for the individual’s learning. Examples of thematic specialisations might be, but are not limited to, studies in:

  • Development of practice: Develop applicable research into the way knowledge is imbedded and structured through education and work to create an understanding of the production and reproduction of knowledge in an increasingly digitalized knowledge-based society.
  • Programme design: Research that provides useful knowledge about programme design in and for an increasingly knowledge-based society.
  • Knowledge production that empowers: Develop and promote research into education and working life that empowers the individual with knowledge that they cannot acquire on their own.
  • Learning on equal terms: Knowledge production that contributes to sustainable, equal terms for quality of life and learning, increased participation and good future opportunities through education and lifelong learning environments.


Karin Forslund Frykedal

Karin Forslund Frykedal Professor