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Three areas

Working life digitization This is about examining what happens when digital technologies are introduced in various parts of working life. It is also about how to use the new technology in the best way.
Contact: Ulrika Lundh Snis

Interprofessional learning The researchers of this group focuses on the study of knowledge exchanges between professions. What do the professionals interact and learn from each other in a good way? And what can prevent such learning?
Contact: Margaretha Herrman

Welfare Work, and Social Change The focus of this group is the exclusion and inclusion. How can, for example, organizing learning of arriving refugees, so that they get the best possible chances of being involved in the community?
Contact: Thomas Winman

Organisation and management

Managment team:
Lars Svensson
Professor of informatics

Kristina Johansson
Associate professor in Education
Assistant Director

Eddy Nehls
Associate Professor of Ethnology

Margaretha Herrman
Associate Professor of Ethnology

Ulrika Lundh Snis
PhD in Informatics

Thomas Winman
PhD in Education

Kerstin Grundén
Professor of informatics and systems science


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