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We welcome contributions related to Work Integrated Learning, it can be research, good practice, evaluations and ideas for future development of WIL. We especially welcome contributions that focus on students learning within different contexts/paracties/authentical settings, simulations/digitalisation/implementaion of technical aid in teaching etc.


Your can choose to present your presentation in English, Swedish, Norwegian or Danish.

Please do not forget to mark your presentation with your name, organisation and your e-mail. The contribution should be written and submitted as a Word file. In subject write "Call for papers VILÄR 2019" and sent to

Examples of areas to contribute to:

  •  The organisation of WIL
  •  Educational challenges with supervision and examination of the" practice/praxis dimension" of WIL
  • Progression in WIL
  • Educational models/designs for evaluation and quality assurance
  • Learning in the intersection of academia and work-life
  • Interprofessional learning


The conference is focusing on educational issues and research within WIL/digitalisation. The following criteria's will be applied in the review process:

  • Relevance for the conference
  • The potential of supporting the development of WIL (within and outside of the university)
  • Clear and transparent question and solid studies (or reasoning if not research paper)
  • Clear implications and reflective reasoning/argumentation

All contributions will be reviewed by two experts in the field.


Send in your abstract in a maximum of 300 words in English, Swedish, Norwegian or Danish. Last date for call for abstrcts 18th of October. You will be notified if your abstract is accepted no later than 25th of October.

Please mark if your contribution is:

  • Oral presentation 30 minutes (20 minutes talk and 10 minutes to questions)
  • Interactive session 30 minutes (5-10 minutes' introduction and 20-25 minutes in work-shop or dialogue with the audience)
  • Manuscript 30 minutes (25 minutes' discussion with an opponent that read and discuss your manuscript, 5 minutes for questions)
  • Posters. To be displayed and discussed during the breaks.

Please also state if you wish to present in English, Swedish, Norwegian or Danish. 


The contributions will be grouped into the parallel sessions according to the theme and the wished session format. In some cases, the program committee can ask the participants to present their contribution in a different category then the initially wanted one.


Your contribution can be held in English, Swedish, Norwegian or Danish. Do not forget to mark your presentation with your name, organisation and your e-mail. The contribution shall be submitted in a Word file.

Under subject write: "Call for papers VILÄR 2019" and send it to

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