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Redaktörer bakom boken om additiv tillverkning

Additive manufacturing is a research area where University West's researchers are at the forefront. Responsible for the book are researchers Robert Pederson, Joel Andersson, and Shrikant Joshi, who have successfully worked on metal-based additive manufacturing (AM) for several years. A total of 45 authors, the majority of whom are researchers and research engineers at University West, have contributed to the content of the book. Six companies and seven universities are also involved.

"This is a comprehensive book with depth. We take a comprehensive approach to additive manufacturing - covering everything from raw materials, the most common AM processes for demanding applications, post-processing, metallurgy, modeling/monitoring of both materials and AM processes, to non-destructive testing and mechanical properties of the finished material," says Robert.

"In each chapter, knowledgeable and experienced experts from both academia and industry participate, ensuring that the book is based on the latest research findings. Examples of six components successfully manufactured with AM are also highlighted, primarily for the aerospace industry."

"It feels fantastic that the book is now ready to be distributed. It has taken two years to complete, and it has been a sometimes demanding but at the same time a very instructive process. The book will be used in advanced-level courses and for doctoral students. It may also be of interest to industry employees working with various AM processes and metallic materials."

Contact: Robert Pederson

More about the book: Additive Manufacturing of High-Performance Metallic Materials outlines the state-of-the-art on AM in high performance materials utilizing the two most industrially interesting routes of powder bed fusion (PBF) and directed energy deposition (DED). The book delves into Feedstock, Processing, Monitoring and control, Modeling and simulation, and Surface and thermal post-treatments. It specifically addresses materials and the most relevant and high performance applications, namely Ni-based alloys and Titanium alloys, and also provides insights into potential applications through illustrative case studies. With each chapter contributed by experts in the field, this work will serve as a comprehensive resource for graduate students and practitioners alike.