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Non-destructive testing and evaluation can be useful in several industries, such as manufacturing industries that invest in additive manufacturing and other new manufacturing methods. This is becoming increasingly important because the competitiveness of the production systems of the future will largely be quality-based. At University West, we develop simulation models and tools that ensure product quality in additive manufacturing in various metallic materials and composites. 

University West are now expanding the research team in non-destructive testing with more doctoral students and building a broader palette of skills. In our research environment Production Technology Centre, there is now an X-ray-based CT scanner (XCT) that makes it possible to develop our expertise in X-ray technology. University West's research profile in non-destructive testing and evaluation is leading in Northern Europe. Our combination of theoretical and experimental research is unique.  

Research Applied mathematical modelling of NDE methods 

  • Develop and experimental validation of mathematical models  
    of different NDE methods.
  • Apply mathematical modelling in the development of NDT as a tool for material characterization (NDC) and new NDT techniques 

Method research and development for industrially robust and reliable NDE 

  • Inspection of Metal additive DED/LMD, PBF, and Binder Jetting.
  • Welds, castings and repairs.
  • In-Service Inspections (ISI) 


Erik Lindgren

Erik Lindgren Researcher

Oskar Tofeldt

Oskar Tofeldt Researcher PhD in Non-Destructive Evaluation

Håkan Wirdelius

Håkan Wirdelius Professor