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Instead, with C-MAS you design a Plug & Produce system that makes it easy to adapt fast to changes in production demands. This approach enables mobility and reusability across stations, ensuring your production system remains agile and responsive to evolving demands.

Example Scenarios:

  • Industrial Robot Reuse: An industrial robot is to be moved and reused in a new robot cell. This would typically require extensive time for programming and preparation. Using C-MAS and Plug & Produce, this can be done in minutes. This is because hardware and logic are standardized and do not contain any information about the local manufacturing system.
  • Robot Tool Update: If a robot tool is updated with new values such as calibration, then those values are stored in the tool agent so that it will follow the tool around the factory. This makes it easier to move tools to new stations. It only needs to be prepared once and then it can be used with any robot cell that runs C-MAS without re-programming.
  • Product Deployment: A product can be deployed in any C-MAS system as long as each resource needed is available in that system. The product searches for compatible resources to reach all its manufacturing goals.

Collaboration Opportunities:

We are open to collaborating with companies, universities and colleges. If you're interested in exploring collaboration opportunities in the form of a research project, don't hesitate to reach out.

Download C-MAS:

Download the file, containing cmas.exe. Additionally, simulation.exe is a simulated Plug & Produce environment, perfect for testing and evaluation. Example projects for the simulation can be found in the folder “Crane”.