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Fraktfartyg i hamn

Global supply chains can only work as complex systems where technological development is matched by the organizational capacity to make them work. The three areas of operations, supply chain management and information technology must be studied in concert in order to deal with the challenges that the system faces overall. Disruptions at a facility on a different continent may interrupt local production systems, and so increasingly international supply chains must remain efficient while becoming more resilient.  It is often the overlaps of different areas that give opportunities for research in this field. 

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More specific areas studied by the group are for instance: 

  • Knowledge management in supply chain management, this research area can be connected to the idea of design and development for improved sustainability in supply chains.
  • Lean and agile systems and their development.  For example the impact of artificial intelligence and augmented reality techniques for the digitalization of Lean and Six Sigma.
  • Distribution systems, their organization and the use of new technologies for distribution.  In this direction we can also include some of the research on societal resilience and how civil society is affected by commercial production systems and their robustness. 

In more depth and detail operation research is used. This includes problem-solving techniques and the use of a wide range of mathematical models that attempt to describe the in- and out-put transformation process in the pursuit of improved decision-making and efficiency. This ensuring that businesses are efficient in using resources to meet customer requirements. 


Lena Aggestam

Lena Aggestam Avdelningschef

Roy Andersson

Roy Andersson Professor Associate Professor

Tomas Beno

Tomas Beno Professor

Leif Magnus Jensen

Leif Magnus Jensen Senior lecturer