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WAAM printing skates på Högskolan Väst.

Welding and welding-based AM is one of the largest research groups within KAM-PT, comprising about 30 people (including senior researchers, PhD students and engineers). The group’s research is grouped into three main areas:  


Metallurgy research focuses on fundamental research of welding and welding-based AM technologies to improve the understanding of microstructure, defects, and their effect on mechanical performance. Research is carried out on a wide range of materials from nickel-based superalloys, stainless steels including duplex stainless steels, to aluminium and titanium alloys.  

Physical Process Simulation

The area of Physical Process Simulation develops models to describe heat sources such as electric arc or laser, as well as the melt pool that can be used to predict the formation of porosity, defects, temperature, and stress gradients etc.  

Process Control

The area of process control focuses on improving process parametrization and automation (sensing, monitoring, and control).

The overlap of the research areas enables a close collaboration and exchange of experience within the group which in turn allows a multi-disciplinary research approach that makes the Welding & Welding based AM group unique in the Nordic countries.

Research activities are in line with industrial demands to improve system efficiency through producing components of “hard-to-weld” materials as well as tailoring components based on industrial demands using additive manufacturing methods.

Needs of increased production rate and fundamental understanding of arc and laser welding are met by the research performed in the Process control as well as by Process simulation areas of research.

The welding research group is the largest group in the Nordic countries and aims to become both nationally and internationally recognized. The group is actively involved in both national and international organizations and societies such as the International Institute of Welding (IIW) and the Swedish Production Academy (SPA) and has established active research collaborations with international partners from both academia and industry. 


Joel Andersson

Joel Andersson Professor Professor of Material Science and Director Production Technology

Pradip Aryal

Pradip Aryal Postdoctor

Isabelle Choquet

Isabelle Choquet Avdelningschef

Ebrahim Harati

Ebrahim Harati Senior lecturer

Paul Kah

Paul Kah Professor

Peigang Li

Peigang Li Senior lecturer

Morgan Nilsen

Morgan Nilsen Senior lecturer Doktor i produktionsteknik

Vivek Patel

Vivek Patel Senior lecturer Docent, Associate Professor

Fredrik Sikström

Fredrik Sikström Senior lecturer Docent (Associate Professor)

Maria Asuncion Valiente Bermejo

Maria Asuncion Valiente Bermejo Senior lecturer Docent, Associate Professor

Jörg Volpp

Jörg Volpp Senior lecturer Associate Professor

PhD students

Achmad Ariaseta

Achmad Ariaseta Doctoral student

Gökce Aydin

Gökce Aydin Doctoral student

Agnieszka Kisielewicz

Agnieszka Kisielewicz Doctoral student

Yongcui Mi

Yongcui Mi Doctoral student

Dilipkumar Choudary Ratnala

Dilipkumar Choudary Ratnala Doctoral student

Atieh Sahraeidolatkhaneh

Atieh Sahraeidolatkhaneh Doctoral student

Research engineers

Niclas Berglund

Niclas Berglund Research engineer

Kjell Hurtig

Kjell Hurtig Research engineer

Mattias Igestrand

Mattias Igestrand Research engineer 0701039817

Björn Särnerblom

Björn Särnerblom Research engineer