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My research interests are children, families and parenthood. My doctoral thesis has it´s base in an international research project Parenting Across Cultures (PAC) that started 2007 and continues until 2018. The overall purpose of the PAC project is to advance our understanding of parenting and children in a diverse set of countries and cultures. 1300 families from 13 cultural groups in 9 countries participate. The purpose of my dissertation is to investigate how 10-year old children in different parts of the world perceive their participation in decision-making processes and activities in their families and to find out how these opportunities and expectations vary depending on contextual factors at different levels.

Participating researchers at University West

Nina Tryggvason (PhD student)
Emma Sorbring (supervisor and project leader)


The dissertation is part of a longitudinal international research project called Parenting Across Cultures (PAC). There are 1300 children and their parents participating.

External funding

PAC project is financed by the National Institute of Health i USA.




Emma Sorbring

Emma Sorbring Professor Professor i barn- och ungdomsvetenskap

Nina Tryggvason

Nina Tryggvason Senior Lecturer Filosofie Doktor i socialt arbete